Janice de Belen Prefers not to Work with John Estrada

Janice de Belen prefers not to work with former husband John Estrada, even now that they are both ABS-CBN talents.

De Belen clarified that it’s nothing personal, it’s just that, if they work together, there’s bound to be so much hype and she does not want that burden on John’s new wife.

The former couple has four kids. In 2004, their marriage was annulled and in early this year John married Brazilian beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles.

Janice admitted that she and John are not the best of friends. One shall need to be on good terms with the people he/she works with.

She personally could do without hype because they have separate lives now.

Her relationship with John is at best, ‘very civil.’ Janice added. Whatever their kids need from him they tell him themselves.

They’re old enough now. They don’t have to deal with each other and talk only if it’s really important.”

She’s now back on ABS-CBN, where she worked 10 years ago. She’s now cast in ‘Budoy,’ featuring Gerald Anderson in the lead role.

Janice plays Elena, the adoptive mother and guardian of the mentally challenged Budoy Dizon.

Janice revealed that she didn’t expect Gerald to be that good, maybe because he’s so young.

The other cast of the series are Jessy Mendiola, Enrique Gil, Zsazsa Padilla, Tirso Cruz III and Mylene Dizon.