Matteo Guidicelli Makes it Clear that Anyone Can be Paired with Maja Salvador

Matteo Guidicelli does not care who Maja Salvador’s partner is.

Guidicelli made it clear that anyone can work with his girlfriend.

Some days after Coco Martin asked Star Magic not to put him and the Salvador, together in production numbers.

Guidicelli said he does not care who Salvador’s leading man is because he knows that it is part of her job as an actress, as long as there’s respect.

Last September, Martin and Guidicelli got into a fistfight after the former allegedly kissed Salvador in the lips during a party.

It was also reported that Guidicelli was jealous of Martin when he and Salvador had an ‘intimate’ production number for a mall show.

Martin is Salvador’s co-star in defunct television series ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.’