Netizens Tweet About Alvin Patrimonio & PBB’s Biggel

Alvin Patrimonio, a basketball legend and Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited edition housemate Joseph Biggel became a trending topic in the social networking site Twitter.

Patrimonio made a special appearance in the PBB Unlinight which was aired on Friday night.

Alvin Patrimonio made it on the 4th place, while ‘Biggel’ on the 9th slot.

Several netizens have expressed their thrill to see Patrimono, an icon who reminded them of their younger days, back on screen.

Others have expressed disappointment for missing the special PBB episode.

Biggel and Tin, Patrimoio’s daughter are considered a ‘couple-in-the-making’ inside the PBB house and Patrimono’s visit has raised interest among some netizens.

Several PBB fans were moved with how Patrimono got along well with his daughter’s ‘suitor,’ saying he’s a nice athlete, nice dad and does not think or judge Biggel’s real status in life.