Winnie & Christian Monsod Reveal Secrets to Lasting Relationship in Marriage

Winnie Monsod, the economist and her husband, former Comelec chairman Christian Monsod, shared the secrets to a lasting relationship in marriage.

The couple has been married for 50 years and recently celebrated their golden anniversary in Kyoto, Japan with the whole family.

One of their secrets of their long marriage, was their ‘friendship.’ They were best friends first for a long time and were confidants to each other.

Christian convinced Winnie to admit that she was in love with him.

Once a couple gets married, there’s no other way but to make the relationship work.

Love is a decision and once you have decided to fall in love, you’re saying that both of you are married and you’re going to make it work, there no other alternative.

When Winnie got married, she also changed her religion, so they can raise their children under one religion.

The couple said they spend time together during weekends, as part of their effort to keep their love.