Lucy Torres-Gomez Prefers to Dance than Act

Lucy Torres-Gomez says she is reluctant to try acting.

Lucy can’t imagine portraying someone else. She has a cameo role in a coming movie but she plays a ghost.

She can play ghost, angel or fairy roles because they don’t require much acting. Lucy prefers to dance than to act.

But in a way, dancing is also acting. When Lucy dances, she puts her heart and soul into every move.

For sometime now, Lucy has been dancing the flamenco.

But Lucy says, she’s far from being good at it because it’s such a complicated dance.

She explained that Flamenco is an angry dance, rigid and fiery. It has lots of stomping and allows her to be a bit angry.

Lucy is a congresswoman of the 4th district of Leyte and a wife of actor Richard Gomez.