Vilma Santos Joins ‘100 Days to Heaven’ in it’s Finale

Vilma Santos, the Star for all Seasons and Batangas Governor is scheduled to portray an important role in the grand finale of TV series ‘100 Days to Heaven.’

Santos shared that she’s excited to be part of the top-rated prime time television show.

The production team shot her scenes in Batangas, to ensure her participation in the teleserye.

The veteran actress admits that she is an avid follower of ‘100 Days to Heaven’ and she always finds time to watch the show.

Coney Reyes, her best-friend is one of the stars in the series.

Santos is a fan of child star, Xyriel Manabat, who portrays the character of Reyes when she was still young.

She describes Xyriel as a good, good child actress.

The ‘100 Days to Heaven’ will have its final episode on Friday.