Manny Pacquiao has Many Distractions that Affect his Boxing Skills

Sports analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz said Manny Pacquiao has so many distractions that eventually, affect his boxing skills.

Pacquiao’s present work in Congress, endorsements, TV show, late nights’ out and reports of alleged extramarital affairs, are among them.

The controversial result of the fight should serve as a wake-up call and Nathanielsz hopes the controversial victory will also make Pacquiao realize that he needs to make changes to his team and ‘clean his house.’

He should decrease the number of people around him and get rid of the guys who hang around and suck his blood. He should concentrate on the sport.

Moreover, Pacquiao should realize that his activities outside the ring may affect his performance.

Bob Arum should also change his tactic when it comes to finding opponents for Pacquiao.

A champion is only as good as the quality of the opponents that are fed to him and if you feed him with a mediocre opponents, the champion will become mediocre himself.