Manny Pacquiao is Open for Possible Rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao felt he deserved to win over his recent controversial fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

After the 12th round, Manny initially felt that he won the fight but not really in a ‘unanimous decision’ because it was difficult and a very close fight.

Pacquiao explained that he could not meet the people’s expectation to knock Marquiz out because he’s also a good boxer and he’s good in ‘counter punch.’

When Pacquiao’s name was announced as winner, the crowd roared with boos directed at Pacquiao, something that has never happened in his previous fights.

Pacquiao took it as part of the game. He described his controversial fight with Marquiz as it was okay and he’s thankful to God that he won that fight.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee looked worried and emotional while Manny was fighting because she was nervous.

Boxing promoter, Bob Arum was thinking of a possible rematch with Marquez, something to which Pacquiao agrees.

Pacquiao did not perform in a concert after the fight, he only thanked all his well-wishers.