Manny Pacquiao’s Family are Emotional While Watching the Fight

Manny Pacquiao’s camp and family were emotional while watching the Pacquiao vs Marquez III fight on November 12.

Jimwell, the eldest son cried while he was watching his father, fighting Marquez, who was visibly giving more punches during the early rounds.

Lisa Onding, Pacquiao’s sister was also sad.

They were not able to go to church along with their mom, Dionesia, to pray for Manny.

It’s already a family tradition to pray for Pacquiao in every bout, but their mother is not yet feeling well.

Jinkee, Pacquiao’s wife was also seen crying at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas while waiting for the judges’ decision.

After hearing the decision that Pacquiao secured a majority decision to retain his WBO welterweight title, they felt the sign of relief.