Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals Why Relationship with John Lloyd Did Not Materialize

Showbiz couples keep denying their relationship until they call it quits just like the case of Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz.

Ruffa and John Lloyd met on the set of ‘I Love Betty La Fea’ where their friendship blossomed into a serious relationship but they kept it private.

Ruffa recalled the past she shared with John Lloyd.

She kept her relationship with the actor a secret even up to their breakup, she wanted to keep it private.

She just came out of a big relationship and there were many things to consider her children, her career and John Lloyd’s career.

It was just something they were happy just keeping it to themselves and that was enough for them.

On how the relationship ended, their main problem was he drinked a lot.

Meanwhile, John Lloyd and Shaina reportedly had a split-up last month. They denied Ruffa’s involvement.