Karylle Learns from ‘Over-sharing’ in the Past Relationship

Karylle, the star of the Asian television series ‘The Kitchen Musicale,’ has refused to reveal anything about her relationship with Yael Yuzon.

Karylle clarified that she has learned from ‘over-sharing’ in the past about her relationship with her boyfriend.

That experience brought her to a place that wasn’t very kind and was hard for her.

Karylle opted to sing a line from the song ‘Basically’, to describe how she feels for Yuzon, the Spongecola’s front man.

‘You sat me down and patted my head. Strange, but sweet, basically that’s you and me.’

The song ‘Basically’ is included in her album ‘Roadtrip.’

In the past, Karylle was romantically linked with actor Dingdong Dantes.

Their relationship ended because of Dantes’ brewing romance with Marian Rivera, who is now his present girlfriend.

Karylle revealed that she never thought she could ever recover from that painful break-up but a lot of people helped her to bounce back.