Sexy Star Ramona Revilla Ties the Knot with Fiance

Ramona Revilla is the sexy star who gained popularity in 1997 when many of them were being named after the Philippines’ top leading men in film.

Recently, Ramona had exchanged vows with her fiance, American naval engineer Frederick Farrell.

Before her wedding, she received hate messages online from netizens who thought she is Ramona Bautista, the alleged one of the suspects in the killing of Ramgen Revilla.

She was shocked because she also received many calls.

People said she’s a murderer. She did not have much time to clear her name because of the wedding.

The former sexy star is a Persian-Filipina, whose real name is Mohsyl Ensafian.

She is also a friend and neighbor of Ramgen. She felt sad when she heard of his death.

Mrs. Farrell hopes the Bautista family will find justice for the death of Ramgen.