Korina Sachez Says the Baby will Definitely Come

Korina Sanchez assures everyone that the the baby will definitely come.

It is her much-awaited first baby with husband Mar Roxas, the DOTC secretary.

The couple are taking this ‘project’ seriously and they are working hard at it.

It might be in 2012 which happens to be the Year of the Dragon.

Korina is a Dragon and 3 feng shui masters have told them that it will be a great and fruitful year for Korina and Mar.

Regarding the persistent rumor that her marriage was going through rough sailing, nobody could produce an evidence that Mar has another woman.

Somebody close to the couple says he’s faithful.

If Mar is busy with the country’s problems, Korina is herself preoccupied with her hosting jobs.

Korina was recently awarded as Amazing Alumni by her school Miriam College, for her contributions to the broadcast industry.