Ruffa Gutierrez Belies Sending Text Message to John Lloyd Cruz First

Ruffa Gutierrez belied Shaina Magdayao’s allegation that she was the one who first started sending text message to actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Gutierrez reacted to Magdayao and Cruz’s claim.

Ruffa explained that she had moved on and gotten past her past relationship with Cruz.

She never started sending messages and started any conversation and challenged anyone who can prove otherwise.

That chapter in her life has been over and she’s happy now with her daughters.

Meanwhile, Magdayao confirmed that she sent a text message to Gutierrez, telling her to leave them alone.

But it was Gutierrez who sent first a message after the three of them saw each other at a party and Shaina just replied.

Magdayao and Cruz refused to reveal the real reason behind their current rift.