‘Wil Time Bigtime’ Celebrates Its First Anniversary At The Araneta Coliseum

During the celebration of ‘Wil Time Bigtime,’ there were 12,000 tickets issued by Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Since the Araneta management planned to strictly enforce the ‘no standing room policy,’ only ticket holders would be allowed to enter the venue.

It was estimated by the concerned party that there were around 80,000 people that coul be able to gather around the Araneta Center.

There were entries that were closed by management so that it could not be accessible by anyone while the program was ongoing.

And also host Willie Revillame was appealing to his followers of Wil Time Bigtime that they should not force their way inside the dome not unless they had tickets.

Other reminders have also been enforced by TV5 management. Aside from the big prizes in store for the lucky audience (five cars, five houses and lots at big amounts of cash), each ticket holder will be entitled to five gantas of rice.