Sid Lucero Says Sister Andi Eigenmann is Always Tough

Sid Lucero said that sister Andi Eigenmann, will always have his full support no matter what happens.

Lucero is confident that Eigenmann can take care of herself and her soon-to-be-born baby girl.

Andi is already a big girl now and she’s always been tough.

He prefers to let him be her ‘Kuya’ and until she calls and asks him to be one, he’s just there and all of them in the family are just behind her.

Lucero added that he will always be Eigenmann’s best friend.

Whether his sister plans to make a showbiz comeback or not, after she gives birth next month, he is confident that his sister will become a better actress because of the things she has been through.

Sid is part of the ‘epicserye,’ ‘Amaya.’