Wenn Deramas Makes a Living Out of His Life’s Story

Wendell Deramas, the movie director makes money out of the experiences he had in real life.

Deramas’ life is like a soap opera, and that all of his box-office comedy films are based on his personal stories narrated in another way.

He started as a waiter, in a restaurant in Quezon City and he never thought that he would end up in show business.

‘Praybeyt Benjamin’ is Deramas’ movie offering and it is a production of Star Cinema and Viva Films.

It is a story of a gay man played by Vice Ganda, who enters the military service to save his grandfather played by Eddie Garcia, who was abducted by terrorists.

The other members of the cast of ‘Praybeyt Benjamin’ are Derek Ramsay, Nikki Valdez, Kean Cipriano, DJ Durano, Vandolph Quizon, Carlos Agassi and Dennis Padilla.

The movie’s premiere night will be on October 25 in SM Megamall Cinema 6 and it will be shown nationwide on October 26.