Anne Curtis is Settling Down in 4-5 Years from Now

Anne Curtis sees herself settling down in the future with the man she loves.

It would be an ideal time for her to get married in 4 or 5 years from now, although it’s not in her hands but it’s in the guy’s hands.

She hopes of tying the knot despite all the stories of other failed marriages because everybody has a right to their own love story.

The Filipino-Australian actress also said she can’t ask for more from her non-showbiz boyfriend Erwann Heussaff.

Curtis is happy, contented and she feels so blessed and secure.

Her boyfriend is not in the entertainment industry and she has more time to be with him.

Before she got involved with Heussaff, she was in a relationship with Sam Milby.

Anne Curtis is part of the movie ‘No Other Woman,’ with Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes.