Albert Martinez Prays Harder Now for Wife Liezl

Martinez was emotional when asked to talk about the health of his wife, Liezl, who is now suffering the ‘Big C’.

They experienced another setback when they thought it was already okay.
His whole world shattered when he learned about Liezl’s condition.

Martinez said, it’s harder the second time around to put the pieces together.

The actor said he has been praying harder now and is hoping Liezl will be well and all of them could recover from all that is happening.

The actor promised he will do everything in his power to help Liezl.

The situation now is just like a bump on the road and they’re gonna fight it together.

It’s going to be a group thing. His wife is not alone and Martinez will always be there.

In 2007, his wife was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer but was given a clean bill of health in 2010.

Liezl Martinez is the daughter of actress Amalia Fuentes and actor Romeo Vasquez.