Vice Ganda Wants to Keep Ryan Bang in ‘Showtime’

If given the choice, television host & comedian Vice Ganda said that he would have kept Ryan Bang as a ‘Showtime’ Hurado.

Having Bang in their show for a year gave him an opportunity to personally know him and making it difficult for him to let go, Vice said.

Technically speaking, Vice clarified that he is in no position to change what has been decided by the ‘madlang’ people.

Vice held no grudge against the public who decided to vote out Bang.

Bang stayed with ‘Showtime’ for 48 weeks. Actress Dimples Romana offered him her seat when Bang was voted out of the show.

‘Showtime’ director Bobet Vidanes said that Ryan Bang could not be reinstated in Romana’s place because it is against the eviction rules of the show.