Susan Roces Wants to Work with Lovi Poe

Susan Roces is willing to work with Lovi Poe, the daughter of her late husband Fernando Poe, Jr. with former actress Rowena Moran, if she’ll be given an offer.

The veteran actress will accept any actress or co-stars in a project.
When she started in showbiz, nobody rejected her in a project, so she will do the same thing.

She also acknowledged Lovi’s accomplishments even at a young age and respects her decision because she belongs to another generation.

A possible project that will feature both Susan and Lovi has yet to materialize.
She said that her next show will be for ABS-CBN but begged off in giving details about the project.

They are scheduled to start taping within this year and it will be aired in the first quarter of 2012.

Roces was the former star of ‘Babaeng Hampas Lupa.’