Pia Guanio Confirms She’s Now Mrs. Steve Mago

Pia Guanio had tied the knot with his non-showbiz boyfriend last Oct. 1 and admitted she’s now Mrs. Steve Mago.

It was never fun to prepare for a wedding, Pia said.

They just really wanted it private and wanted just a few people because they really wanted to concentrate on the ceremony, on the blessing and on the message from their pastor.

Her now-husband, businessman Steve Mago, is a private individual and the couple decided to invite only a handful of guests, mainly their family members.

The wedding ceremony was very solemn, very meaningful and it was very heartfelt, she said about her experience.

The typhoon Quiel posed a big threat on Pia and Steve’s Christian ceremony but it seemed that the wedding was destined to push through after all.