Mark Herras Keeps Silent on the Rift Between Nadia Montenegro & Annabelle Rama

Mark Herras is keeping silent on the controversial rift between Nadia Montenegro, the mother of his girlfriend Ynna Asistio, and talent manager Annabelle Rama.

Herras is not in the position to comment on the matter but he wants the issue to be resolved peacefully and quietly.

Cases of child abuse’ and ‘oral defamation’ are filed by Montenegro against Rama.

She claimed that Rama is mishandling the showbiz careers of Montenegro’s daughters Alyanna, 17, and Annika, 15. Rama allegedly obliged her daughters to work for more than 40 hours and made them choose between career and education.

Rama has denied all the accusations.

Meanwhile, Herras revealed that he and Asistio are still doing great and they have been together for 3 years.