Shamcey Supsup Wants to Help Typhoon Victims in a Long Term Basis

Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up winner believes that authorities should not just think of addressing the short-term needs of people affected by typhoons.

Supsup admitted that food, medicines and other supplies are important in helping victims of floods caused by recent typhoons ‘Pedring’ and ‘Quiel.’

Companies and government officials should go beyond these urgent needs and get to the root of the problem, Supsup added.

It’s the urban planning and location of these people should be studied first. A lot of areas are really catch basins,’ she also added.

Supsup graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines and topped the 2010 Architect Licensure Examination.

She agreed with most experts that deforestation is one of the causes of flash floods in the country.

On the other hand, the beauty queen said she will be in Bulacan on Saturday to help distribute relief goods to the typhoon victims.

Supsup also went to Corazon Aquino High School in Baseco, Tondo to hand out relief goods to residents affected by recent typhoons.