Joey de Leon Received a ‘LV’ Bag from Willie Revillame

There’s no more bad blood between Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame.

It’s been three years now that they buried the ‘hatchet.’ De Leon knows that such dispute normally happens between people working in the same industry but de Leon thinks that such issue will die out and good relationship is restored.

Joey received a gift from Willie Revillame – Louis Vuitton bag.

The gift was given to de Leon during an episode of ‘Startalk TX’ by Revillame’s friend and de Leon’s co-host Lolit Solis.

Earlier, Revillame invited de Leon, through Solis, to join them in their trip to Macau—where he bought the bag—via his private jet, ‘Wil Fly.’

De Leon thought the invitation was a joke and he wasn’t able to join the trip organized by Revillame for his ‘WilTime Bigtime’ staff and friends.

Joey de Leon is one of the host of ‘Eat Bulaga’.