Nora Aunor’s Photo Can Convey a Bad Image of Artists?

Superstar Nora Aunor is criticized by Philippine Medical Association (PMA) that supports the ‘Smoke-free Philippines’ for posing for a magazine while holding a cigarette.

According to PMA, the pictorial can convey a bad image for our artists in the country. A volunteer also said that the Filipino reading public is not dumb, if Aunor wants to be popular again then she must be wholesome.

Aunor is ill-advised, she thinks that she’s moving forward but the truth is she’s moving backward, he added.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine explained that the photo, captures the best in the iconic star as she is today.

Aunor speaks out now about her perceived hurts, sexuality and her children. Aunor also smokes.

The editor also supports the smoke-free Philippines.

Nora Aunor has an upcoming TV’s series, ‘San Ngalan Ng Ina’ with Christopher de Leon and Ian de Leon. She has also a film ‘El Presidente’, together with ER Ejercito as her leading man.