Nora Aunor’s ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ will Replace ‘Bangis’

Superstar Nora Aunor’s comeback show ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ will replace ‘Bangis’.

The pilot episode of ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ which is premiered by TV5 on Thursday night at SM Block, is a very promising teleserye.

TV5 gave Aunor what was due to her, considering she’s a superstar in the industry.
Nora’s acting is good and Noranians will not be disappointed as she is given many highlights in the story.

It is directed by Mario O’Hara where he also directed Aunor in her movies ‘Baket Bughaw ang Kulay ng Langit, and ‘Condemned’.

‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ will replace ‘Bangis, starting October 3.