Nora Aunor Tells About Her Past Loves

Nora Aunor had been romantically linked to almost every leading man in the past, but the Superstar Nora Aunor talked about two men, with whom she really fell in love.

Tirso Cruz III or Pip, her most popular onscreen partner was the man behind the tandem ‘Guy and Pip.’

Tirso was allegedly Nora’s first relationship. But prior to being launched to stardom and before meeting Tirso in person, Nora was already Tirso’s fan.

They were paired in various movies like ‘Tell Nora I Love Her’, ‘Young Love, etc. Both have a 3-foot doll named ‘Maria Leonora Theresa’.

Christopher de Leon or Boyet, came into Nora’s life after her break-up with Pip. The two met while filming NV Productions ‘Banaue’ in 1975. They tied the knot and months later, Nora bore a son, Ian de Leon.

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