Jacklyn Jose Does Not Want to See Albie Casiño

During the shooting of Jacklyn Jose’s movie ‘The Road’, wherein she plays a major role, she was excited to talk about the movie and Andi’s pregnancy.

The movie, ‘The Road’ is somewhat like a psycho-thriller and horror. It tells about the accidents of her 2 children in the road and in the street.

She’s also excited for her coming grandchild from daughter Andi who is now in her last trimester of pregnancy. She will name the child, Gabrielle.

Andi Eigenmann already mentioned the father of her child, Albie Casiño.

But Jacklyn says, she does not want to call it a revelation because Andi does not deserve to have that title. She does not want to see Albie and does not want to have anything to do with him. It’s nothing and zero.