Lovie Poe Can Project a Wholesome or Sexy Image

Lovi Poe reveals she feels insecure about her breasts.

She has nothing against enhancement. She thinks women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies to make them feel beautiful. But for her, she’s just fine with what she has.

Meanwhile, Poe is one of the young actresses, who can project a wholesome or a sexy image.

Poe is happy with the success of her career and with the outcome of her first ever pictorial for FHM. She is the September cover of the magazine which was shot in Thailand.

For Lovi, it’s not just about being daring. She’s also very focused on her craft and with her acting.

She can never tell how far she can do sexy scene because whatever comes she can do it and what she feels like doing at the moment.

Lovi is one of the lead stars of the film, ‘My Neighbor’s Wife.’