Kris Aquino Refuses to Divulge Details of Settlement Agreement with James Yap

Queen-of-all-media Kris Aquino refused to divulge details of the settlement agreement of their wealth with her estranged husband, cager James Yap.

Aquino said she cannot talk about how their wealth was divided between them.

The former couple did not have a pre-nuptial agreement before they tied the knot. Although their marriage did not have a happy ending, Aquino still came to the defense of Yap.

Aquino said what matters now is that they had an amicable separation and whatever settlement they had, it was fair.

She did not think Yap was greedy. It was something that Yap worked with and there were blessings in their marriage.

She can say that because of that marriage, she has the biggest blessing because of Bimby.