Tikoy Aguiluz Plans a Nora Aunor Documentary

Director Tikoy Aguiluz is planning to make a documentary of Nora Aunor, especially now that he has the chance to work with her in ‘El Presidente’

According to Aguiluz, Nora’s life is different from her in person.
It has been a long time he wishes to do a documentary for Aunor and now is his chance.
Her movie with Christopher de Leon and Bembol Roco in ‘Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos’ is one of the best movies made, according the director.

Meanwhile, TV5 is preparing the mini-series for Aunor and probably to be reentitled to ‘Sa Ngalan ng Ina.’

Eugene Domingo and Ryan Agoncillo are among the cast in the mini-series, where Aunor play as the sister of Domingo.