Charee Pineda-JM de Guzman, Are They Love Team in Real Life?

Charee Pineda’s exposure in ‘Mula sa Puso’ helped her gain a lot of fans and her tandem with JM De Guzman also gained a lot of supporters that they now have a Charee-JM fan page.

Are they really on in real life? Charee says they are not in a relationship, during the launch of her new show, ‘Sparkada Trip’.

They are just good friends, but they really want to thank those who support their team and to those who request again their tandem in ABS-CBN’s future show.

Charee has won a Best Actress award in CinemaOne Digital Filmfest two years ago for the drama film, ‘Alon.’

She’s turning 21 on September 27 and her wish is to be able to play more mature roles.

She had enough of teenybopper roles and she thinks she’s ready to tackle more demanding roles.

JM De Guzman is turning 23 on September 9 with positive developments in his career.

His performance as the young producer in the hit Cinemalaya film ‘Ang Babae sa Septic Tank’ is getting positive feedback, also his acting in the recent soap, ‘Mula sa Puso.’