Pacquiao Sheds More Prizes From His Own Financial Chest

In the last episode of Manny Pacquiao’s show of ‘Manny, Many Prizes’ last Saturday, the boxing champion sheds some more cash from his financial chest to augment the money that was already given to one of the contestant.

The actual prize supposedly was only Php 30,000 for the raffle but Pacquiao has added Php 100,000 more to the prize.

It is not only during the live episode that Pacquiao has been generous, after the program he has given Php 1,000 each to 120 people who were still around after the event.

Tonight, he will be giving prizes to the lucky recipients in Pasig Arena. It will be expected to draw more a lot of people. Among Pacquiao’s guests of tonight’s episode are April Boy Regino, Daniel Matsunaga, Ervic Vijandre and another surprise guest which has not been named.