Melanie Marquez is not Insecure with her Command of English

Melanie Marquez created a buzz once again and reached all the way into the Twitter world.

During a guesting on Vice Ganda’s show, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, the former beauty queen once again became a source of ‘funny’ English.

Melanie’s guesting on that show, became a new trending on Twitter. Excerpts of her chat with Vice Ganda were also shown on the ‘TV Patrol’ episode.

The two were discussing personal style, Melanie said, You should carry the clothes you wear, whether it’s ‘signatorial’ or whatever.

Sensing the mistakes, Melanie just gave a hearty laugh.

Melanie’s English is already a trademark, since she joined the Miss International pageant, where she answered a classic phrase ‘She won’t change her legs because she’s contented with her long legged.’