Sam Ignores Her Critics as ‘FHM Sexiest Woman’ Title

Model and television star, Sam Pinto ignores critics who question her title as ‘FHM Sexiest Woman’ of 2011.

Sam can’t please everyone and it’s okay, she told reporters in a recent press conference.

Her detractors do not believe that she is sexier than previous title holders like Marian Rivera now at the second slot and Angel Locsin currently at third slot.

People react because she looks like a stick, Sam said.

Sam pays no heed on the remarks , saying, maybe people think of sexy in a some ways. They think it’s about the boobs and the butt.

For Sam, being confident in yourself and loving your body for who you are is all about sexy.

The former “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” housemate added that Marian and Angel already had their times as FHM’s Sexiest.

They should also give the chance to others.

Though, she believes some of FHM’s title holders have undergone cosmetic enhancements, she denies firsthand knowledge about them.