Bea Alonzo is Robin Padilla’s Personal Choice as Partner in ‘Guns & Roses’.

Robin Padilla waited for three years before this project, ‘Guns and Roses had materialized.

It is Robin’s comeback project from GMA Network to ABS-CBN, wherein he personally picked Bea Alonzo as his leading lady.

In Guns and Roses, Robin wanted to perfect their kissing scenes with Bea, so the director called for more takes.

One of its early scenes in Guns and Roses is Bea, coming from a river wearing a revealing camisole.

Ejay Falcon and Empress are playing the second lead stars to Robin and Bea.

Guns and Roses, ABS-CBN’s action-drama, is a nightly telecast, replacing Mara Clara on its time slot, starting June 6.