Alma Moreno is Pleased to know Zsa Zsa’s Marriage Annulment is Approved

Alma Moreno is pleased to know that Zsa Zsa’s marriage annulment is already granted by the court.

Alma thinks this is now the chance Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla will finally settle down for good, after all Zsa Zsa is legally single again.

Zsa Zsa was formerly married to Modesto Tatlonghari when she was still 16 years old and they separated after 6 years of being together.
The couple has a daughter, actress-singer Karylle.

Dolphy was the former flame of Alma Moreno after she lived with the late Rudy Fernandez. Dolphy and Alma lived together for some years.
Actor Vandolph is the couple’s son.