Quitting Showbiz Enters Jessy Mendiola’s Mind

Actress Jessy Mendiola admits that quitting showbiz has already entered her mind a couple of times.

This was after Jessy got a lot of bad comments regarding her career and love life.

Jessy is now in a relationship with actor and TV host Luis Manzano.

In a television interview, the actress admitted that she considered quitting showbiz if not for the encouragements she received from Direk Johnny Manahan and Luis Manzano.

Manahan told her not to give up yet because she is still young and she has so much to do.

On the other hand, Luis also told her not to give her career up.

Jessy is a Filipina actress, has a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese and half British father.

She studied mass communication at Far Eastern University.

Her mother left her father due to his infidelity.

Her parents reconciled in Mexico but eventually separated again because of unknown reasons.

Currently, Jessy remains in contact with her father, who now works overseas as a marine anthropologist.