Donita Rose Leaves Showbiz for a Career in Culinary

In 2012, Donita Rose left her showbiz career and worked as a chef in the U.S.

Rose is now back here in the country, she is busy sharing her culinary passion with fellow Pinoy mothers.

The former actress said that one of the most important things to consider when cooking for the family is finding ingredients that are not only healthy but also budget-friendly.

She said that the Filipinos really love to eat because our culture is practically centered on food, which brings families closer during festivities.

Donita puts her family’s needs first and she always loves cooking.

Cooking food that is good for the heart, especially for her family, is what drives her to learn more dishes and expand her knowledge in cooking.

Donita opts for food that’s affordable and healthy at the same time.

Donita Rose Ramos Cavett was born in Utah, USA and moved to the Philippines when she was five years old.

In 1997, Rose moved to Singapore to pursue a career as a video jockey for MTV Asia.

In 2001, Rose met Eric Villarama after she migrated to Angeles City, Pampanga.

Their relationship blossomed for two years and they married in Santa Barbara, California in 2003.

The couple had a son named Joshua Paul, born in 2004.

In 2015, Rose reportedly has had bouts in her marriage of 12 years with Eric and in 2016, Rose has publicly confirmed her separation with Villarama.

Rose refused to detail the split, but said that it was a devastating and painful experience.