Maine Mendoza is not Against Same-Sex Marriage

Maine Mendoza supports same sex marriages.

Same-sex marriage is also known as gay marriage or a marriage between people of the same sex, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting.

She explained her answer: Love is a gender-blind and that everyone has the right to love whoever they want, regardless of gender preference.

She does not understand why some people are against it. Anybody should be allowed to do the things that make them happy, especially if they are not hurting other people, she said.

Meanwhile, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte said that the Philippines will not legalize same-sex marriage anytime soon.

Duterte is reversing a campaign promise in which he pledged to support legislation to allow gay unions.

The President stressed that the country was Asia’s bastion of Roman Catholicism, which steadfastly opposes same-sex marriage.

Other countries have their own cultures, he said, referring to other countries where the American magazine circulates.

It can’t apply to us Filipinos because we are Catholics, Mr. Duterte said.

The civil code states that you can only marry a woman (for him), and for a woman to marry a man. That’s the law in the Philippines, he explained.

Mr. Duterte also said that he was only following what was in the books, asserting that he did not take issue with anyone’s sexuality.

Two of his brothers-in-law, and some of his cousins, are gay, he said.

He stressed: ‘Wherever God has placed you, stay there.’ He noted that no one was empowered to ‘erase the great divide between a woman and a man.