What’s the Real Score Between Ara Mina & Patrick Meneses after Vacation in Brunei?

Sexy actress Ara Mina opened up about her break-up with politician Patrick Meneses in 2014.

Mina revealed that Ptrick parted ways with her when their baby daughter was just three months old.

She explained that Patrick left her because he was not yet ready to have a family.

They welcomed their first child Amanda Gabrielle back in December 2014.

Mina admitted that she has maintained a good relationship with him for their daughter after they parted ways but they vowed to be always there for their daughter, Amanda Gabrielle.

She is happy to remain single and focused on her career and daughter Amanda.

Ara and Patrick are certainly on good terms every time they meet and they manage to remain friends despite being each other’s exes.

It helps that Ara has moved on from their split.

She no longer expects they would still be back in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, the former couple had a short vacation in Brunei during the Holy Week. A lot were surprised to see Ara and Patrick together.

The two were having the time of their life. Fans are curious
if the two are now back in each other’s arms.

What’s the real score between the former couple?

Well, the actress believes their love for their daughter is the only reason that everything is okay between her and Patrick.

Ara admitted, though, that she sometimes misses having a partner.

She may be open to dating but, really, lacks time for anything.

She hopes 2017 is looking bright for her and she would find her special someone, just like her good friend Sunshine Cruz who is reportedly going out with Ara’s brother, Macky Mathay.

Ara is happy for the two who met each other on Instagram.