Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe Spending Surpasses Last Year’s Number

Kate Middleton always steals the spotlight whenever she makes a public appearance.

Kate has very big shoes to fill in the fashion world, that is why her outfits are always in accordance with the highest standards of propriety.

Her group of designers is always striving to create gorgeous dresses for her that ooze elegance while retaining a sort of ‘down to earth’ vibe.

She is the ‘people’s princess’, and even though she could probably wear some of the most expensive clothes in the world for free, she always insists on buying her own apparel pieces, some of which feature price tags of thousands of dollars.

It’s a well-known fact that Kate looks stunning whenever she attends any major event, but the dress that she wore during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was nothing short of breathtaking.

Kate is also known for her fabulous outfits but looking that polished apparently comes with a price.

If Kate is indeed dishing out money for these ensembles and not borrowing them, it’s estimated that she already spent 57,000 pounds — or $70,000 on clothing in a year and this year’s total so far is already considered rather high.

It seems as if the Duchess of Cambridge is already moving out of her recycled clothes phase and into her designer phase.

Kate has been known for recycling many of her chic but affordable outfits, wearing clothes again and again for public occasions but it seems as if her eye has turned to more designer duds or not working or meeting standards.

Although she has worn many designer labels before, Middleton has already spent thousands on new designs from the likes of Chanel, Erdem, Alexander McQueen and one of her favorites, Catherine Walker.

Just the first three months of the year, they estimate that her 2017 wardrobe spending would surpass last year’s numbers.