It has Been Arjo Atayde’s Dream to Work with Erich Gonzales

One of the better ways to deal with a bitter breakup is to not dwell on it too much.

Erich Gonzales agrees to the statement, adding that she is currently enjoying her status as a single woman.

Erich also said that she is now moving forward from her failed relationship with Daniel Matsunaga.

Gonzales made a guest appearance on the radio show to promote an upcoming episode of the legal drama ‘Ipaglaban Mo,’ where she plays an undercover cop looking to take down a drug-trafficking den.

The episode, which airs on Saturday, also stars Arjo Atayde as her boyfriend.

Arjo mentions that he will be working with Erich in I’paglaban Mo.’

He said that he really wanted to work with Erich since ‘Katorse’ days and the actress was well aware of it.

He also said that he finds Erich’s beauty irresistible as the actress is beautiful inside and out.

It has been Arjo’s dream to work with her ever since before.