Kaye Dacer Air Sentiments about Aljur Abrenica as He Still Owes Her P1.3M

Aljur Abrenica owes veteran broadcaster, Kaye Dacer P1.3M, still unpaid for years.

Dacer is radio-TV personality and now president of 8 Trimedia Broadcasting Network.

She aired her sentiments about Aljur Abrenica, as she revealed he still owes her P1.3 million for a house at Scout Fuentebella in Quezon City, owned by Dacer but sold to Abrenica.

During a press conference for her presidency at 8 Trimedia, the issue was suddenly brought up during discussions, which led the broadcaster to talk about it and explain.

Dacer initially valued her house at P32 million but eventually compromised with Abrenica for 19 million.

Since Abrenica’s acquisition of the house, the actor has ceased communicating with her and leaving behind an outstanding balance of P1.3 million.

In her recent interview with entertainment columnist and talent manager Ogie Diaz on DZMM, she said that it is Abrenica’s negligence of the matter that disappointed her the most.

What hurts Dacer is not the issue about the money itself, but Abrenica’s ceasing from communicating with her, as if nothing happened.

She kept quiet, she was quiet for so long, Dacer said.

It’s like, she does not want to get to the point where it would appear like she is begging for such an amount, when Abrenica knows very well his responsibility.

She said she did not bother Abrenica or his family since then, because she was hoping for them to make the initiative to go to her.

Lately, Dacer already sent a text message to Abrenica’s mom, but still to no avail.

She also clarified that she did not force her house to Abrenica, and that it was him and his family who liked the house and insisted on buying it.

In the first place, she did not force her house to them.

They liked the house when they saw it. So that’s it, she just feel hurt.

Dacer, however, declared that she does not plan to file charges against the actor.

She only wants him to realize his responsibility and his negligence.

Dacer hopes he realizes he still has a responsibility which he ran away from, and has not been settled for so long.

Abrenica has not yet spoken about the issue.

He’s also showed inactivity on social media, as his last Twitter post was on the first week of March.

His Instagram account all the more shows no recent activity.

Dacer is from a radio program of ABS-CBN’s ‘Aksyon Ngayon’ with Julius Babao.

She has just resigned from ABS-CBN to assume presidency of 8 Trimedia Broadcasting Network.