Iwa Moto & Pampi Lacson are Exited to Move Into Their New Home

Iwa Moto and Pampi Lacson, together with their daughter Mimi, are excited to move into their ‘munting tahanan.’

Iwa has been busy preparing for their move in to their newly built house.

She confirmed that the house will be finished by next month.

Iwa gave birth to her daughter Hiromi Eve or Mimi with partner Pampi in 2013.

In 2014, she joined TV5’s Celebrity Dance Battle, where she became one of the show’s finalists.

‘Marimar’ was her last project where she played Magda Evangelista, a support role, in 2015.

Since then, the Starstruck alumna has been staying out of the public eye to focus on her family life with partner Pampi Lacson.

As a mother, she’s very hands-ons, she always takes her daughter Mimi and Thirday, son of Pampi and Jodi Sta Maria, on a date.

Actress Iwa Moto, asked if she sees herself marrying her boyfriend Pampi Lacson in the near future,

Meanwhile, Iwa admitted that she still cannot marry her boyfriend Pampi Lacson because her marriage with estranged husband, mixed martial artist Mickey Ablan, is still undergoing annulment.

She and Mickey have their own lives now, and she thinks they deserve to be happy.

She and Micky got married in 2009. They eventually parted ways a year after due to ‘personal problems.’

Pampi’s marriage with Jodi Sta. Maria has already been annulled.

Iwa hopes that Pampi is the one for her because she does not want her daughter to have a broken family.