Robin Padilla Gives a Warm Welcome to Daughter Queenie Padilla & Husband Usman Rashid Mir

Robin Padilla finally gives blessing to daughter Queenie Padilla and husband, Usman Rashid Mir.

Queenie was overwhelmed by the warm welcome of her dad and her family to her Pakistani husband.

The couple have been married for four years but it is only now that they got the blessing of Robin.

Rozelle Elizabeth Sicangco or popularly known as Queenie Padilla is a Filipino actress and the daughter of Robin and Liezl Sicangco.

Queenie and her siblings were raised in Australia.

She returned to the Philippines and later on entered showbiz but she was not happy with her showbiz career.

In 2012, she decided to embrace Islam and left showbiz.

She said that she found Allah, her life changed. Her muslim name is Michael Khadija Mir.

She actively shares Islamic teachings in her social media accounts.

The former actress married a Pakistani husband, Usman Rashid Mir, a non-showbiz Muslim guy who is about her age.

The couple got married in September 2012.

Queenie doesn’t want to talk more about her husband.

Queenie keeps her personal life private but she said Usman Rashid is the man of her dreams.

They are actively posting the teachings of Islam in their social media pages.

Queenie has 2 past relationships: Ejay Falcon, the winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus. Their relationship didn’t last and eventually, Queenie left the industry while Ejay stayed and played other major roles

PJ Valerio was her 2nd boyfriend, a singer-actor of GMA7 and mainstay of the defunct show ‘Walang Tulugan’ with the Master Showman Kuya Germs.

The two met when they were both working in the same network, GMA7.

Their relationship was not approved by Queenie’s parents especially Robin which led to Queenie’s decision of stepping out of her dad’s shadow.

After more than a year of being in a relationship, they broke up.

PJ then left showbiz and went to Hong Kong where he became a part of Captain Shang in HK Disneyland’s Golden Mickey’s.

She wants someone who inspires her and helps become a better person. Her father also wants her to marry a Muslim guy.