Kris Aquino to Start Taping a New Show Soon?

Kris Aquino took a break from showbiz in March 2016.

Kris admitted that she cried herself to sleep and experienced setbacks in the project she was supposed to be working on.

She was afraid that many of her contracts with various projects would not be renewed after her break.

She said it was possible, because she wouldn’t be on TV anymore.

Many believed she would replace the show ‘Calle Siete,’with a time slot before Eat Bulaga and it was about to end at that time.

According to APT’s big boss, they really wanted to put Kris on that timeslot prior to Eat Bulaga!

However, they wanted something new for Kris but they did not know how to bring her back because a lot of people are really looking for her.

Tuviera added that they did not want to give Kris a show with the same format as her previous programs.

At that time, Mr. Tuviera said his group is still conceptualizing for the right kind of show for the TV comeback of the former ABS-CBN actress.

On March 1, Kris hinted at return to TV network ‘where I belong,’ posting in her Instangram account: ‘Finally starting something NEW and celebrating with FAITH that my journey is taking me back to where I belong.’

The followers of Queen of All Media asked if it’s true that her journey will now take her back to a possible return to television, after 1 year of waiting?