Kiana Valenciano Reveals She & Sam Concepcion are Already a Couple

Sam Concepcion has been linked to Gary Valenciano’s daughter Kiana Valenciano.

Sam is not denying that they indeed go out sometimes. He said he and Kiana have known each other since they were kids and it’s just normal that they have become close friends.

The two go out, share friends and share the same interests like music, a lot of music.

Aside from having the same circle of friends and similar interests, Concepcion likewise shared a common quirk which he thinks make them click.

However, Concepcion remained evasive about the real score between them, saying he really can’t deny nor confirm anything at all.

Concepcion said he’s been encouraging Kiana to actually join showbiz and share her talent but she is in school and taking up a fashion thing. He also told her she should sing because she’s writing songs.

However, Kiana admitted that she is in a relationship with Sam Concepcion. The younger Valenciano made the confirmation in an episode of late night show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ aired on Sunday, February 26.

Last February 14, Valenciano also posted a couple of photos of her and Concepcion, with one showing her kissing Concepcion on the cheeks.

Kiana is the only daughter of Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan. She is one of the artists Concepcion looks up to in the entertainment industry.

Kiana made her first appearances in 2012 on episodes of The X Factor Philippines and Sarah G Live.

Sam is a Filipino singer, dancer, actor, VJ and host. Concepcion emerged as the winner for the Big Division of Little Big Star`s Season 1 in April 2006. Concepcion currently has a contract under STAGES and ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.