Leila Delima Has One Request ‘She Should Be Detained in a Safe & Secure Area’

Senator Leila De Lima is ready with bag of clothes ahead of impending arrest.

De Lima has packed a bag of clothes in case a warrant of arrest is issued against her for alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

Delima has told reporters that she is preparing for it and would bring a luggage.

She would bring with her sleeping and casual clothes everyday at the detention center where she would be placed.

She said she also prepared books as she would have more time to read inside detention should her reported impending arrest within the week push through.

The senator also said that she had also gathered her family during the weekend to prepare them for the ‘imminent arrest

She also met with her staff last Friday and asked them not to cry when she is served the arrest warrant.

She told her staff not to cry because she does not want to see anyone crying, she would scold anyone she would see crying… she said.

While she is already prepared to get arrested, De Lima had only one request: That she be detained in a safe and secure area.

It’s because according to her, many have been killed inside the cell, so what’s another EJK (extrajudicial killing), she said.

The senator was quick to clarify though that she was not asking for a special or VIP treatment bu her safety should be secured.

De Lima also assured that she would not resist her impending arrest because she insisted on her innocence on the drug allegations being leveled on her.